Electronic Voting System UA

Voting System UA - electronic system designed for collective vote in regional, rural and urban councils for the adoption of laws and decisions electronically. The system allows to optimize and simplify voting. The system does not require installation on certain devices running on any devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops) that support any of the most famous browsers such as: Chrome, Mozilla (FireFox), Safari Internet Explorer.: Chrome, Mozilla (FireFox), Safari Internet Explorer.  


The system includes the following features as:

  • Registration deputies and factions.
  • Adding new solutions.
  • Roll-call vote.
  • Edit and add amendments.
  • Re-voting and voting on amendments.
  • Number of members present.
  • View and edit agenda.
  • A full report on voting.
  • Storage solutions to the archive.
  • Archive of all votes and decisions, etc ..

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